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Perhaps, Leveraged Recapitalization?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A leverage recapitalization, or "leverage recap" for short, is a financial strategy that involves a company taking on additional debt to fund a special dividend or buyback of its own shares. This strategy can be used to reward shareholders, take advantage of favourable interest rates, or increase the value of the company's shares.

Here are the specific steps to execute a leverage recap:

  1. Evaluate the company's financial situation: Before deciding to execute a leverage recap, the company's management team should evaluate the company's current financial position, including its debt levels, cash flow, and credit rating. They should also consider the company's future growth prospects and the potential impact of taking on additional debt.

  2. Determine the amount of debt to be issued: The company should determine the amount of debt it needs to issue in order to fund the special dividend or buyback. This will depend on factors such as the size of the dividend or buyback and the company's ability to service the additional debt.

  3. Structure the debt: The company should work with its investment bankers and lenders to structure the debt in a way that is most favorable to the company. This may involve issuing bonds, taking out a loan, or using other financing methods.

  4. Issue the debt: Once the debt has been structured, the company can issue the debt to raise the necessary funds.

  5. Use the funds to pay the special dividend or buyback shares: Once the funds have been raised, the company can use the money to pay the special dividend or buyback its own shares. This can be done through a tender offer or other means.

  6. Service the debt: After the leverage recap is completed, the company will need to service the additional debt by making regular interest and principal payments. It is important for the company to ensure that it has the cash flow to service the debt without putting its financial stability at risk.

Overall, a leverage recap can be an effective way for a company to reward shareholders and increase the value of its shares, but it is important for the company to carefully evaluate its financial situation and ensure that it can service the additional debt before proceeding.



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