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Project Experiences and Case Studies

With the right guidance and experience, a small business can raise capital quickly to grow and scale. Browse our case studies to learn a variety kinds of projects and experiences we gained from different financing and operation consulting projects


Interest-free Loans & Subsidies

Helped a company secure government loans and subsidies, resulting in over one million in non-interest bearing loans (RRRF) and over 200K in grants and subsidies (CEBA, CDAP, CanExport, SR&ED, etc.,).

Commercial Loan

Supported a company in obtaining and securing two Discussion Papers from top financial institutions for a high six-digit overdraft lending facility. The facility was margined against the company's General Security Agreement (GSA).

Asset-based Financing

Assisted a company with negative retained earnings in successfully securing a high single digit asset-based financing. During the process, received and evaluated four discussion papers before finalizing the deal.

Flexible Revolver and Term Loan

Helped a company source and compare two Discussion Papers from the major banks for a high six-digit overdraft lending facility margined against receivables and inventory

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Management Consulting 

Financial Planning & Analysis

Helped a company design multiple templates to analyze and track Gross Margin differences in different sales channels and regions, derived operational insights from analysis to improve GP

Budget and Forecast Design

Helped a company initiate annual budgeting and quarterly forecasting by designing the company's GL mapping to budget categories and financial models to track variances and control departments’ spending

Cashflow Management

Helped a company initiate annual cashflow planning and weekly cashflow by designing a customized Cashflow Template using the Direct Method to control cashflow variance and forecast financing requirement

Working Capital Management

Helped a company design excel templates to closely manage working capital including DSO, DPO and DIO, cash conversion cycle, MOS, and Operational expense leverage to ensure lean management

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