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Customized Financing Programs

Through providing end-to-end customized financing solutions, we ensure each client’s capital is raised strategically and efficiently and all combinations of financing are considered including government-backed loans and subsidies

Operations Consulting Services

Our operations consulting services help businesses analyze and understand potential problems; establish better systems and processes; enhance controls and governance; and deliver effective and customer-focused solutions

​Direct Lending & Minority Interest

Our product combines Direct Lending, Minority Interest Investment, and a unique Convertible debt feature. It provides flexible capital for businesses, while aligning investor and business interests by converting debt into equity, fostering mutual success and growth.

Discover tailored FP&A programs for working capital management, budgeting, cashflow planning, accounting SOP workflow design, and foreign exchange hedge strategy. Optimize your financial potential with us today.

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Our Team

my dream finance partner

Richard Meng

Founding Partner

CFO of Biyork Canada & US raised multi-million dollar financing and led the company to nine-digit revenue growth.

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my dream finance partner

John Qian

Founding Partner

AVP of China Construction Bank Corporate Banking, experienced in banking, syndication loans, and wealth management.

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my dream finance partner

Agnes Wu


Director at Four Seasons Hotels, ex-KPMG Accounting Advisory Manager, experienced in accounting, taxation, audit.

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my dream finance partner

Edison Yang


Investment manager at Qin Tao Capital, expertise in the equity and pre-IPO industry fund investment, and background in corporate law and finance.

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Case Studies

Interest-free Loans & Subsidies

Helped a company raise government loans and subsidies; successfully raised over one million non-interest bearing loans and over 200K in grants and subsidies

Commerical Loan

Helped a company source and compare two Discussion Papers from the major banks for a high six-digit overdraft lending facility margined against receivables and inventory

Asset-based Financing

Helped a company source and close a high seven-digit asset-based financing facility from an alternative lender when the company was still at a loss margined against receivables and inventory

Flexible Revoler and Term Loan

Helped a company at a loss source, compare and negotiate flexible term loans and revolvers from multiple alternative lenders with little reporting and financial covenants

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